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Our Vision
To grow the pigeon sport – making it more attractive – with technology as the driver

It is WPROL’s vision to make the pigeon sport more interesting to a wider range of participants. The development of technology and its availability via the internet created opportunities for growth in other sports and can do the same for the pigeon sport. Technology can bring the sport closer to people, making it global rather than geographically restricted, making it faster and more interesting.

WPROL provides the technology platform for pigeon organizations and fanciers to benefit from these opportunities.

Race, Liberation & Championship Management
This core functionality of our software provides quick, virtually "live" results on all levels; full history of races, lofts, pigeons, financials and pooling; easy verification of results; fully integrated liberation management with weather maps - all in a cost effective manner.

Quick Results: Race and Championship results are available online for all organisational levels immediately. Corrections due to fancier complaints are easy and quick and resulting changes to the race results and championship results are instantaneous on

Liberation Management: In response to the green movement, the impact of climate change on the pigeon sport and concerns by the public and animal protection organisations, the purpose of Liberation Management is to support liberation officials and fanciers to ensure pigeons are liberated in optimal conditions. Detailed reports show the number of pigeons basketted, number of pigeons returned and lost and the weather conditions of the race. This allows for intensive analysis of data to optimise liberation decisions and minimise pigeon losses.

Full History and easy Verification: WPROL achieves a high level of transparency - all race and championship results are available on all organisational levels supported with full audit trails, making it very easy to verify results. The full history of pigeon and loft results combined with up-to-date fancier contact details is available. A benefit of this for the individual fancier is that pigeon performance information can simply be printed straight off the website for submission to events such as the Olympiad, thereby saving time and effort for the fancier.

A benefit for the organisation is that any costs incurred by fanciers are displayed immediately in the form of a loft invoice at the same time as the results are produced. In addition, financial reports for the pigeon organisation summarize financial information including pooling data at all organisational levels.

Race Management reports show number of pigeons basketted and a list of all basketted pigeons with ring numbers. Duplicate chip and pigeon ring numbers are highlighted immediately.

Cost effective: WPROL is cheaper than conventional systems. This is because of the effective use of the technologies chosen and the benefits of working with economies of scale.

The World on One Platform
Local pigeon racing in any country; international competitions; one lofts - all in the language of your choice

Local racing, international competitions and one lofts all operate under their own rules. Our software caters for all variations and more. Any competition you can think of we can cater for! With results available online immediately, pigeon fanciers can watch events anywhere in the world from wherever in the world they are. This means more exposure for well performing pigeons with verifiable results, and increase in their value.

Revenue Opportunities
Pigeon organisations can make money from auctions, advertising

Built onto the core functionality, pigeon organizations have the option to use WPROL to conduct online auctions, sell pigeon related data to other websites and benefit from the sale of advertising space. The pigeon organization owns and is responsible for the commercial aspects of these activities, but WPROL provides the use of the software and manages the data on behalf of the pigeon organization. Hence, the pigeon organization receives the revenue from the activity (i.e. from auctions, etc) with only a portion paid to WPROL for the service provided. Because it is the work done by the pigeon organisation, and the financial contributions by fanciers, that makes pigeon racing possible and allows pigeons to gain in value, it is only fair that pigeon organisations and fanciers reap the financial rewards.

Fully Integrated Central Database
Quick & easy searches for pigeons, lofts and fanciers; easy race planning with weather maps; integrated pedigree system - all this information is available for analysis on WPROL

Quick and easy Searches:   All there is to know about pigeons and their performance can be found on in its fully integrated central database. It is simple to find or report lost pigeons, to assess a pigeon’s performance across years, countries and owners based on official championship and race results, to view a pigeon’s pedigree and get in touch with fanciers.

Race planning:   Historical race, pigeon and loft data can be analysed by pigeon organisations for purposes such as improved race planning & management. Integrated detailed weather maps combined with the analysis of past race data make it possible to optimally plan race routes, minimizing loss of pigeons, protecting them from bad weather and avoiding clashes of races - race programs can be viewed and coordinated with other race organizers.

Data integration:   Having such detailed historical information all in one central location provides the base for a range of additional functionality which uses this information such as pedigree systems, auctions. All of this information is freely available on the website even to non-members, thereby creating ever greater exposure.

Standardisation of rules:   the use of a central database such as WPROL facilitates the use of common structures and rules for the pigeon sport across the world without compromising local requirements and processes. Over time a common ‘lingo’ can develop, making it easier to understand the structures and rules in other countries, thus contributing to the opening up of the pigeon sport and making it more attractive to professional fanciers.

Taking the Sport into the Future
Amateurs, professionals & new participants, young and old; new ways of participating in the pigeon sport with or without a pigeon loft - all through improved and interactive communication

Amateurs & Professionals:   the pigeon sport is a mix of amateur and professional participants who often have conficting interests which need to be balanced by pigeon organizations. WPROL’s integrated database allows for flexible championships that address the needs of amateurs and professionals alike.

E.g. professional fanciers enter larger numbers of pigeons into races than amateur fanciers, which can make it an unfair competition. WPROL’s flexible championships allow for different number of pigeons to be taken into account for a championship at various organizational levels, or to exclude a high performing fancier from his club results (thus making it more interesting for the other fanciers) but to be included in higher level results where there is more competition. WPROL’s database of historical pigeon performance data allows for the introduction of a handicap system (as in golf) for the pigeon sport.

New participants:   the trend of the younger generation generally is towards sports that involve a lot of information and more and more complex variables. The pigeon sport offers great opportunities to meet this need as it is both complex and data intensive. WPROL’s ability to provide comprehensive, transparent and real time information attracts this generation to the pigeon sport. For the same reason, the pigeon sport is also particularly attractive to punters. WPROL’s central database of pigeon information caters to these needs, helping to grow the pigeon sport. It also facilitates participation in the pigeon sport of people interested but not wanting to look after pigeons themselves. WPROL provides the real time, transparent and comprehensive information required for this new way of participation in the pigeon sport and the resulting growth of the sport.

Interactive communication:   the advance of electronic clocks, the Internet, GPS systems, Google maps and electronic weather forecasts has created opportunities for the pigeon sport to move away from being a sport limited by geography to becoming a global sport using the Internet as the playing field. In future WPROL will integrate with devices such as cell phones, IPods, digital TV etc.

Communication between the pigeon organizations and their fanciers is often fragmented, belated and incomplete. WPROL’s central database of fancier and organization contact details will facilitate the use of technologies such as newsletters, emails, text messaging to communicate from all levels of organizations to all participants in the sport without requiring special expertise.

What do our Clients say?
Our software was used by the Dutch Afdeling 10 in the 2010 season and these are some of the comments we received:

"I absolutely love the program you offer!"

"A big compliment to you for your site, complete with detailed results on the day"

"Very extensive and very clear...!"

"Super-quick publishing of the results! And it is great to learn more about the individual pigeon just by clicking!"

"Thank you for the enormous results you have delivered to the pigeon lovers of our division this year!"

Features & Functionality
WPROL’s functionality is designed to be flexible and cater for the needs and challenges of pigeon organisations in any country through the effective use of technology.

The current release of WPROL – ready for the 2012 season - includes the following functionality:

Liberation Management with Weather Maps

    In response to the green movement, the impact of climate change on the pigeon sport and concerns by the public and animal protection organisations, the purpose of Liberation Management is to support liberation officials and fanciers to ensure pigeons are liberated in optimal weather conditions.

    All races in the race program are shown on a Google map with liberation points, arrival points and lines of flight.

    Up-to-date actual and forecasted weather information for every point on the map provides fanciers and liberation officials with valuable input for liberation planning.

    Crossing lines of flight highlight the risk of pigeon clashes and liberation officials can get in touch with each other at the click of a button to coordinate liberation times.

    Fanciers receive text messages at liberation and at multiple intervals during the flight with up-to-date weather information.

    After a race, detailed reports show the number of pigeons basketted, number of pigeons returned and lost and the weather conditions of the race. This allows for intensive analysis of data to optimise liberation decisions and minimise pigeon losses.

Membership Management

    To reduce the effort involved in managing members and to facilitate timeous and effective communication, pigeon organisations need a central repository to administer member data.

    WPROL offers a central database with comprehensive member and loft information, making it easy to manage pigeon organisation members. It is fully integrated with all other modules on such as Financial Management, Pool Management etc.

Race & Championship Management

    The main purpose of Race & Championship Management is to calculate race and championship results online as well as making the results available for download and printing. The pigeon sport needs reliable, fast, realtime and cost effective results calculation to make the sport more attractive and affordable to its participants.

    A central database with pigeon, member, loft, liberation point, race and championship data forms the basis for this functionality.

    The easy and quick online upload of basketting and clocking files produces immediate race & championship results on all organisation levels on race night. This includes the calculation of provisional race results based on the phoned in arrival times of individual pigeons.

    Extensive error handling (e.g. finding duplicate ring numbers) ensures transparency, accurate results and quick fixing of data problems.

    Any championship on any organisation level (including club level) can be set up and calculated quickly and easily! The results are easily verifiable.

Financial Management

    This functionality addresses the need to reduce the time and effort to manage the finances of members and pigeon organisations.

    Invoices to fanciers are produced automatically after races, showing all relevant race information and costs incurred by the fanciers including pooled amounts and winnings.

    Administration, printing and any other costs incurred by pigeon organisations are reflected in user friendly reports on all levels of the organisation making reconciliation quick and easy.

Creation of websites for pigeon organisations

    Many pigeon organisations need easy to manage and cost effective websites of their own.

    WPROL creates websites for pigeon organisations and seamlessly integrates the race and championship information on for the organisation into the organisation’s own website.

WPROL is committed to continuously meet the changing needs of the pigeon sport. Future releases will provide the following functionality:

Online Advertising

    Online advertising is one of many ways for pigeon organisations to earn revenue using and thereby reducing the cost incurred by organisations and fanciers to participate in the pigeon sport.

    Many pages on will provide advertising space that pigeon organisations can sell to advertisers. allows advertisers to create exposure to a well defined target group and high volumes of traffic.

Online Pedigree System

    WPROL’s own Online Pedigree System will be fully integrated with all other functions on Updates of the pedigree system with race results information will be automatic with no effort by the fancier. It will be an online system with no need for the fancier to install the system or any upgrades to it.

    Fanciers can choose to make their pedigree information accessible to the public or not.

Online Pooling

    In many countries pooling on his / her own pigeons has become too cumbersome a process for fanciers and organisations. Pooling does however add an additional attraction to the pigeon sport.

    Online Pooling on will allow fanciers to quickly and easily pool on their own pigeons any time between basketting and liberation at their own leisure and with no administrative overhead to the pigeon organisation.

Online Auctions

    Online auctions are another means for pigeon organisations to create revenue for themselves and their members.

    Online Auctions are conducted by pigeon organisations using as the technical platform. Official race and championship results and up-to-date pedigree information all on one platform creates a high level of credibility for interested buyers.

Online Gambling

    Pigeon organisations can choose to use this module or not.

    Online sports gambling is a pastime entertained by many and an effective way of creating revenue for pigeon organisations. The pigeon sport with its extensive data and many variables affecting the outcome of a pigeon race is ideally suited for online gambling. will have all the elements required to provide the rich and credible data gamblers enjoy to analyse before making their gambling decisions. This includes official race results, liberation information, pedigree information, auction results etc.

    If a pigeon organisation chooses to make its data available for online gambling, it can benefit from the revenue created from this activity which can be put back into the sport to make it attractive to its participants.

Realtime interfaces with all electronic pigeon clocks

    There is a need to upload basketting and clocking data directly from the fancier’s clock to to reduce the time it takes to produce a race result and the number of data errors incurred in the current process.

    This functionality will transfer data directly from the master clock to without manual intervention or the need for a club calculation system.

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